Just got an Oculus Quest 2

I just used this thing for the first time ever.

It was way more realistic and convincing than I thought it would be.

The boxing simulator is intense. Got my heart pumping after 3 rounds and it seemed like it was actually as good as a boxing simulator can be without actually punching you. The physics on the speed bag was surprisingly accurate.

I liked being able to just watch tv and stuff at any angle I wanted to (although it feels like you have to be sitting upright for viewable media as opposed to being able to lay down and look straight up.

This seems like it’s going to be a serious game changer in many ways. I get that the whole intent of it is so friends can play stuff together in a more shared way, but fuck if it doesn’t feel great to just have my own fucking space to just shut the rest of the world out for a few minutes


This is the danger. Just like Ready Player One, real life won’t be able to compete with a life designed to be just how you want it. Why not design your actual life just how you want it? You can do it.


I’m gonna get one of these asap. Looks amazing. Fuck the outside world!

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I don’t want to like this. Get it out of here. I don’t have time for more games or baby mama drama.


There’s only so good things can be in a VR environment.

It’s a tool just like anything else. You can use it for learning a foreign language, working up a sweat, learning how to deal with fear of heights, or you can just beat off to the amazing VR porn that’s out there all day haha


I like to read the dictionary. That’s all the mental sweat I need.


If what you say is true then It must be a lot better than the ps4 vr, because I thought that sucked.

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A friend of mine posted a video of her son playing it and looked like he was having a blast.

But I don’t have time or money for another gaming system, so get it off my lawn and out of life.


I just bought one for my 13 year old and I too was shocked at how good it was. super real

Santa is bringing one for the kids

Nobody is gonna bring up that you can link these headsets to VRporn and blowjob machines that match the rhythm of the VR porn star?

“For the kids.” Lol


So fun!

Played it at a buddies house a little while ago, bought one for the boy for Christmas. Agreed on the boxing simulator, its legit.

My whole body was sweating the first time I walked the plank. It’s fun to put it on family/friends and see who it bothers.

Poker is cool but just like real life the funniest people will be found at the roulette table.

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Most everyone at work today is leaving early and I am gonna lock this fucker up and play the Darth Vader games here in a bit.

Got a huge space for it, gonna be fun, I got fuck all due today!


I like playing pingpong on mine. VR porn got old for me pretty quick.

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Is the 128gb adequate or would you recommend the 256gb?

You can install games quickly and a 128 holds quite a few since most of them are not large installs.

I dont see a need for 256 but if you are the type to need more than 30 or 40 installed at a time it might be worth it.