Just got Arthrokinetics!

Yahoo!! I have already watched the first two tapes twice and the rest only once. The first two tapes are worth the whole package EASILY.

The info on the first two tapes has already changed my game. I'm looking ofrward to exploration with the others.

Now, my question is when will the rest of the series be released? You know, the Spine and Neck Architecture, Chokes, Strangles, Escapes, Reversals, Flow, etc.

"I am not a monkey, I am a FREE MAN!!!!"



I totally agree! The first two tapes are FANTASTIC! The other material is great but it's like comparing 18 carat gold to diamonds :-)

Can't wait for the follow-up videos!


Care to hint at what those two projects are?
(God, this is terrible, Fisticuffs is still fresh on the shelves and I'm asking what's next. ROSS-oholic anyone?;-)



ditto TTT!!!