Just Got Back from 2 Weeks Shoot

Hey guys...anything new happening on the filmmaking front? I just got back from Texas where I'm shooting my new doc: "Shut Up and Skate" The Texas Story. It's going to be an amazing story. I'll be heading back there in a few weeks and then out to Cali to shoot for a few weeks.

Here's the website for the film: "Shut Up and Skate" The Texas Story Website

I'll have trailers up as well as production notes and updates in the next week or so. Right now it's just the splash page but it gives you a feel for the film's attitude.

The doc sounds incredible, nice design, and great title! If you're doing oldschool, i hope you catchup with Christian Hosoi. There's a story in itself.

Yeah...we're heading out west and have an amazing line up of people to shoot. You wouldn't believe the line up from both the music and skate industry. I'm co-producing and co-directing it with Boxcar Creative out of Dallas (film/commercial company) and Jeff Newton (Founder of Zorlac Skateboards).

congrats Lynn! Sounds like it's picking up momentum.

Thanks. Just got some solid West Coast support. Got a free house to stay at and a free car for 2 weeks while I'm out there shooting! Some amazing support all over the country for this project!