Just got back!!!!

I would like to thank the ZST organization for putting on one hell of a world class tournament and giving me the chance to fight over in Japan a lot this past year.

The tournament was very tough and like I said in all of my Japanese interviews I thought anyone could win it. Everyone in it was a danger. Both of my fights were very tough but I was very happy that I drew Kotani in the first round. It really bothered me that people were saying he would destroy me because he beat me in the tag team match were I fought two guys for about ten minutes by myself.

Any way big ups to Marcus he caught me with a really good shot that hit me right in the eyeball. I thought I fractured my eye socket or had some retinal damage, luckily Im ok and just have some swelling behind my eye. I really wish I would have trained a little more for Marcus but to be honest Kotoni was the only thing I really cared about.

Again the organization was great. Thanks again to Monte, he the best manager a fighter could ask for. Thanks again to Victory , Bad Breed and all the guys that helped me get ready for this fight.


Awsome JOB bro keep up the good work... IM going to be in LA and would love to come and train with you if thats ok?


big congratulations Rich

Swelling behind your eye, yeah that's enough to make anyone think they fucked up their face hard.

Keep kicking ass, man.

Congrats on winning 3 tough fights in the tourney.



Congrats Rich.

Glad to hear that your Ok! Huge props, on a great showing!

See Ya March 5,

Dave Gomez

Great job......sucks about your face but very nice job!!!