Just got chi blasted at Kung-Fu!

A friend of mine in my BJJ class a few nights ago dared me to take one free class at a new Kung-Fu school in town, so I agreed as long as he paid me 5 bucks.
So I walk into the dojo and and there appears to be nobody in sight. I stood there for about a minute and then finally decided to leave. Im about to turn around when a man with a Fu Man Chu stle mustach dressed in a kung fu uniform appears in front of me.
He then proceeds to put both his hands together in a modified horse stand and makes a pushing motion with his hands. Just then, it felt like somebody punched me in the chest extemely hard. I flew back what seemed to be at leat 15 feet onto the mats. I then got up and ran out the front door, never looking back.
Screw kung-fu, that stuff is too hardcore.

Yes it's real...and very dangerous...a lot of Kung fu schools have trouble getting insurrance because of the fire hazzard.

and they can't fight in the UFC because they'd kill people. True story, they have to register themselves as deadly weapons.