Just got done flooring the camaro

That is so much friggin fun, I will never ever get tired of this!!!! I need to find a nearby pay drag strip or I'm going to get arrested. Good thing their is construction around and some nice empty streets.

Great aint it? It never gets old...

Now I wish I would have supercharged it.

It's also never fast enough ;p

502 is enough man!!!

double pumper and a bigger cam. :)

get the heads worked on while they're off... thinner head gaskets too. Oh sheet, let's just stroke it out to like 557 while we're at it... etc etc.

I know, it's never enough, huh.

Yeah, I need more. I'm not impressed now. Thing feels slow to me. I'll sell it eventually and come up with a better design.

...twin turbo :)

I'd go procharger before turbo

Ya me too, but soon enough even that gonna make you happy ;p Psycho.

I sold my car to my brother in law. Cheap.

He has no idea what a good deal he got. Restoring cars is not easy.

I don't know what he's planning on doing with it, he really doesn't know much about cars.

But he drove it and fell in love... as so many unwary men have *sheds single tear*