Just got Guild Wars.

Hey guys,

I just got Guild Wars for Xmas from my brother.

I know it's been out for a while, but there are still alot of people playing this i think.

I'm lvl 13 W/M, but that's because I played like everyday between xmas and new years. I am such a newb.

Any advice for new players?

How do I get cool armor and weapons without having to advance so much in the game?

is this an add-on for WoW?

Um... what are ALMs?

And no gord, it's not an add-on, it's a different game (not sure if you were being sarcastic.)

Sounds cool, but Guild Wars is free. Why is WoW so much better?

"There is world PvP, world ganking, battlegrounds, instances, etc."

I have no idea what you just said.

But I love you for trying.

Guild wars is a good game, and it is free. Play it until you are bored with it. Then maybe you should play WoW.

I really enjoyed GW. I have 4 chars with top everything, and a couple for PVP. I just don't have time to play it anymore.

Best advice I can give you now is get to Drok's Forge and buy the armor there. It is equal in stats to the most expensive armor. It will cost you 2-4k to get ran there from Beacon's, but is well worth it. If you see me in the game(Eric Cire, Tyrk Rewt, Old Salty, KGB Czar), I will hook you up with some gold & nice stuff. Just whisper, Fuck the OG!

I got guild wars originally when it first came out. I leveled my guy to 20, it was the max level then - not sure what it is now.

Guild wars looked visually beautiful, but it had it's faults. You had to follow certain pathways and couldn't jump off track. Outside the cities it wasn't a real MMO. You couldn't meet other players, only the one in your party.

The quests seemed repetitive, but then again, so did all MMO's. The bosses all seemed similar, with some electric shit surrounding them.

I haven't played it in a year.. Not sure if they have improved it, I know they brought out some expansions.

Still, it has no monthly charges, so for the price of the game - it's a good deal and can be fun to play.

I prefer WoW, but to each his own.