Well Im at home now nursing some pretty serious wounds. My room mate said he almost called and ambulance but I convinced him not to. Anyways, so I just got off from work and went to Gold's Gym in Venice Beach like I always do to work Lats and Bi's on Wed. If anyone is from Cali they know it was pretty nice out today so I worked out right on the outdoor beach in Venice, you know the famous one.

It was crowded as shit but I was there so I decided to wait and lift. When I finally saw a bench open up I took it. It was the only piece of equipment I could find. I loaded up the bar with 20lb on each side and started working barbell curls. I know this isnt much weight but I only weigh 175 so its pretty heavy. I was two sets in when this big muscle head comes over and asks "You done here?" then he throws his towel down on the bench and sits on it and starts strecthing. So I get in front of him "Dude I have like two more sets Ill be done in a few minutes."

So this big bodybuilder stands back up and gets right in my face and says "If I say youre done youre done." and gives me this shit grin. Well right now Im at the point you get when youre kinda shaking from adrenline and a little of fear cause youe not sure if you could take him. I mean he was 225 of solid muscle. I figured fuck it I got a blue belt in BJJ, I could choke him out before he knows what hit him. So all this thought just rushed through my head in like a second and I said back to him "Well Im done here anyway, got to go work on my cock muscle, your wife is my trainer, just trying to pump my arms before pumping my big meat stick in her ass."

Wow his face got so fucking red it looked like a tomato. This was one angry bodybuilder. Before I knew it he bear hugged me and lifted me in the air and yelled "Im going to kick your fucking ass pretty boy" All these other dudes working out came over and seperated us. The manager of the place said take out of his gym. I was still confident in winning cause of my BJJ training but he looked so mad like he really wanted me dead it scared me a little bit...but just for a second.

So he runs out to the beach and starts yelling "Come on fucking pussy, COME ON TOUGH GUY IM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU." Now everyone is looking and I mean everyone , even the tourist start to gather around. It got so crowded so quickly I think most people thought it was a movie being filmed. I walked out there to the beach thinking in my head, he doesnt want me on the beach , this is where us Gracie boys love to fight.So He comes quickly rushing towards me like a football tackle. I instantly throw on a guilitene on his punk ass. I start cranking it hard knowing any minute he was going out like a light. The one thing that sucked now that I remember was his neck was so freaking thick I could feel the muscles contracting.

All of a sudden Im in the air being slammed so hard I started hyperventalating when I landed and I couldnt see anything. I suspect he grabbed my leg when I had him in the guilentine and lifted me to a slam a' la Ricco Rodriquez. He got on top of me and started pounding my face in. I couldnt even think straight after the slam but my body naturally went for a bump to get him out of the mount. It didnt work. He was too heavy. He just keep pounding my face in. The worst part was when I went for the bump I heard someone watching say "Look he's trying to fuck the guy not fight him." then someone else said "No he's just going into convulsions", laughter was next.

This is when it got blurry, all I know is some guy was above me yellling "are you ok?" "Im calling the police." I tried to tell him "no please dont" but there was something in my mouth... It was my weightlifting gloves. I suppose after knocking me out the angry body builder got the last laugh by shoving them in my mouth.

So I had a really shitty day ,thought Id share it. Im taking off work a few days. My face is bad and I dont need to try to explain this to my boss. Plus my back is so sore I cant walk.

Wish me to get better guys, thanks.

8.5 for the effort

Whats that mean ratataa? Whose effort? The bodybuilders? Thanks for the support I thought of you guys as somewhat as a family...not someone to laugh at my hardships

BTW - that's not Gold's outside on Venice beach lol

E for effort.

sorry KKM KOfighting, im in somewhat of a comatose now after what just happened, im not thinkng as clearly as usual. and whats up with all this effort shit? Maybe if I put more effort into working the guard I wouldnt be where I am now.

Thanks Evilsorta, I dont think Ill be tracking him down, Im too scared. As for not backing down welll youre right I can at least say that. However I dont think that part made it on the 40 different camcorders that has my ass beating on tape. Probably now on a web site or ebay.

hahahah LMFAO @ "Well Im done here anyway, got to go work on my cock muscle, your wife is my trainer, just trying to pump my arms before pumping my big meat stick in her ass."

The gym on Venice Beach is ran by the city, there is no manager. " The manager of the place said take out of his gym "

I don't believe it. A BJJ blubelt should be able to beat an angry bodybuilder.

get some money out of it. file charges... you know where to find him. the owners of the gym should know too... they don't want legal problems, they will tell.

Classic, excellent work. I Laughed whole heartedly

Hunt him down.

Kill his family.

P.S. 9.0

uuummm, your profile says you wrestled and you're a golden gloves boxer. According to your story you also do bjj...not saying what happened is impossible, but the odds aren't that great


You get a 10 for ""Well Im done here anyway, got to go work on my cock muscle, your wife is my trainer, just trying to pump my arms before pumping my big meat stick in her ass."

Funniest fucking shit i've heard today

So that's one out of ten. You've got nine more fights to go before we can determine the final score.

not that this is real, but I don't think the hypothetical roid guy is in the same weight class, so it's more possible.

thats an awesome comeback about the cock muscle. I know you got your ass beat but who cares atleast you didnt back down

I can believe that story and hope you are all right.