Just got into my first real accident. Truck totaled

See an attorney, consults are free buddy! That black Jeep Renegade aint gonna drive itself to your house. I hope your feelin ok homie!

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a hit like that your back, neck is gonna feel it in a few weeks or some other shit will manifest itself.

it is impossibru that your body is A ok after an accident like that. Listen to the OG


Someone will buy that for 20k

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Claims adjusters are lied to all day every day. My truck had very minor damage to the passenger side mirror prior to my accident. I didn’t even think about trying to say it was caused by the accident. Also, claiming to be injured never crossed my mind.

I just want my truck fixed.


Hope some of that insurance cake goes towards a hooker OP


I’m not auto body man but I think your truck is totaled. If they put it on the frame straightener and replace solid your truck will drive wonky, imo




Got an appointment Saturday at a local body shop. It’s driveable, i don’t notice anything. Was low-speed impact and not head on or real solid contact.



I’ve seen far less damage that that that got totaled out. I hope you don’t get fucked out of this accident but I don’t think you will come out ahead, unless you had that Sinfield BO smell in your car

Oh i have no doubt that someway, somehow I’m going to get fucked – there is, after all, an insurance company involved.

Its a 2016 with 64,000 miles. If its totalled, i no doubt get screwed on how they value the truck. I think it’s probably worth more now than it was when i bought it 2.5 years ago, although maybe with gas prices being what they are that may not be the case. I just remember hearing used car prices had skyrocketed.

If i get it fixed, i doubt it’ll ever be the same. The damage seems cosmetic, but now its been in an accident and I’ll be surprised if it looks as good as it did pre-accident.

I hope I’m wrong.


FWIW I took it to a body shop monday for an estimate. He didn’t say anything about it being totalled, just that he thought the insurance company would want to see the damage in person so doing an estimate right then would be a waste of time.

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Once you have an accident it goes in the record and lowers the resale value of your vehicle…ask to be compensated for that.


Thanks i appreciate the advice. Last time i was in a situation like this was 1989 when my 1979 pontiac catalina got t-boned.

Insurance company gave me $900 for a car i paid $500 for a few months earlier.

No worries my dad has a bitchin set of tools. Bring it over I’ll have it fixed during your lunch hour


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For anyone who cares, i took my f150 to the body shop today. He quickly realized that my truck has an aluminum body, and said they are not ford certified to do any repairs.

I feel like that should have been caught earlier in the process, as he previously received info from both myself and the insurance company, but oh well he was very nice to deal with.

He did say there’s no way its a total loss, threw out $5000 as an estimate and said the running board was probably the most expensive part of the repair.

Back to square 1 :confused:

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So here’s where I’m at: At this point I just want to take it to the dealership, where they do body work on-site.

However, I’m sure the dealership estimate will be higher than the estimate from one of the insurance companies preferred shops, so that means i may have out of pocket expense.

I’m thinking of declining their offer of a rental car (I also have a little toyota yaris i can get by with) and bringing up the depreciation issue to see if they will give me the additional money.

I was also told by a car salesman (so take that fwiw) that depreciation shouldn’t be an issue because the airbags weren’t deployed.

I believe you always have the choice of what shop to send your car to.

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