Just got J and J vaccine

Yes you can remove it from the equation because vaccines don’t cause the worst issues of your life.

I’m not being a piece of shit. I made a joke. People make jokes, especially at times like the passing of a beloved comic. Lick my nuts if you don’t like it.

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How hard was it for you to find J&J. Here in Florida it’s very hard to find

You can search here: https://www.solvhealth.com/
They have the location and what vaccines they offer.

It is available in a lot of the smaller pharmacies in my area of Florida.

Wasn’t that hard for me to find it.

Woke up around 530 this morning shivering with a fever after feeling fine all day previous. Hopefully it’s passed now, I’ve heard from multiple ppl that the day after is rough. I feel like I got hit by a truck.

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Enjoy your new life as an X-Man, OP!

Dudes…this shit legit is one of the last things on earth I want to do. I honestly believe it’s wrong on a religious level and directing us towards the mark of the beast type situation. However, my company has made it pretty clear they’re going to be extremely hard with religious exemptions.

I would happily just quit and end up poaching whitetail to get by, but I have a wife I want to provide for. Fuck. I’m really debating getting this J and J bullshit just to be done with it and be able to get back to work. I’m on standby right now while they figure out manpower and such due to the mandate.

Don’t do it pussy

Not worth the risk. Vaccines are more dangerous than the harmless virus , plus it ruins your immune system

That was my experience. Lasted about 24 hours

2nd Pfizer yesterday. Felt worse off the first one.

Yeah it’s tough man. Same situation I was in.

Almost exactly 48 hours after the shot and I feel a lot better than yesterday which felt like the worst hangover of my life.
I’m going to get a light workout in later actually.

Yeah that’s why I got the single shot. I’d rather just deal with the bullshit once and be done with it.

I got what was akin to a head cold from the first, I’m feeling anything yet from the second. RIP brotha… see ya in OG heaven…