Just got my brown belt

The other day at 5pm I received my brown belt under hall of fame fighter and coach, Pat Miletich. Receiving my brown belt at the MFS gym and working on my black under Pat is a great honor.

I started off training at a gym in KY with a good bunch of guys. As I grew as fighter and needed a better place to train, the move to Iowa was a easy one to make. I would like to think Pat and all his guys for making me part of the team.....Joe Jordan

Congrats! That's huge.


Congrats dude! That's a lot of hard work!

Congrats on a huge accomplishment!!! Keep training hard.

nothing comes cheap at that gym - congrats! :-)

Congratulations on a big accomplishment and best wishes in
the future. IMHO, you couldn't be training in a better place.




"nothing comes cheap at that gym - congrats!"

I showed up not knowing what to expect. I was told to bring my gear and mouth guard. I have a lot of respect for all the people who made it threw to the end.

I'm at work now and I'm all busted up. My legs and face hurt and people look at me and wonder why I'm walking around like a old man...Joe Jordan

lol. IM sure going to work busted up gets you funny looks?


"I have a lot of respect for all the people who made it threw to the end".

You are just about to get to the beginning bro. Getting a Black Belt under Pat and MFS is just the start of your training. Pat and the guys are the best! Congrats and keep kicking ass!

Just curious, a similar thread came up like this a year or so ago and i asked an never got an answer. What are the ranks fo all the big name MFS guys like Hughes and Sylvia and all, are they all black belts in Pat's System? Just curious.



TTT for pink's Q

Hey Pinksinglet,

Good question. I wondered too, specifically because whenever any of the big name MFS guys fight, they are always announced as "EXPERTS IN THE MILETICH FIGHTING SYSTEMS".



I have know ideal? I don't belive I can remember anyone at the gym talking about rank. It's something that never comes up. I do know that some choose not to test and may never do so. I hope to have a gym someday and I would like to still be part of MFS....Joe Jordan

Congrats Joe!!! :)

Congrats man that's awesome!I can almost bet that Hughes is a black he has some sick sub skills!