Just got my rack

was hoping someone could give me some good compound excercies I could do with my rack, i.e.; squats, dead lifts, etc..


in addition if anyone can send me a link to a website that shows compound moves with animated gifs, i would appreciate it. thx.


Double D's? Silicone or Saline? How much did they cost?

One of the best parts of a good power rack is that you can bench safely without a spotter. In fact, more safely then with a spotter.

I'm jealous.


I got one yesterday too, i'm soo happy.

Dumb question here. I don't have a power rack, but am tempted to look into one if I can scrape the cheese together. When benching in the power rack, I assume you set the safety bars right about chest-height (when lying down) & let the loaded bar come all the way down into contact with the safety bars? Is this proper form for benching in a power rack? I lift alone & it's tough mentally to get under heavy weight when there's no spotter around; also prevents me from attempting that one last rep that I'm not sure I can crank out.




Depending on your build, and how much you arch when you bench,.. you can set the pins so that you're able to touch your chest on every rep, and still be able to dump the bar and get out.

Thanks Ryno. Can you buy the free-standing equivalent of the safety-bar portion of the power rack; perhaps two units that would sit on either side of your bench that would catch the bar in case you get stapled? Other than the lack of the safety bars, I'm pretty happy with my current set-up. I'd prefer to buy that sort of thing seperately if it's sold that way rather than have to buy a whole new rack.

Nevermind; found where they sell safety stands for $79 at NY Barbell (free shipping) & also found some designs for building your own. I might give that a shot first (I've got a friend who can weld).

Thanks all.


If you have your bench set up underneath something that won't move.. like an I-beam or something -- you can hang two lengths of heavy-guage chain w/ strong carabiners -- you can use them to catch the bar if you miss. Thats what I do when I train in my garage.

That's not a bad thought either, Ryno. I'll see if I can rig something like that up.


PP's! ;-)