Just got Pre-Approved for a mortgage Loan. Is there a penalty for backing out?

yes. so wait.

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I think you can run a few of them within 2 weeks without further credit score hit

I’m not certain so look into it yourself.

Then do nothing.

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Do nothing is doing something

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Kind of like going forward in reverse…

Tell that to neutral countries in ww2!

that shit works.

So hand in the bush?

I regret not buy earlier in life. Wife and I rented through grad school and for a few years after. Finally bought a house and saved money over rent. Made 4x profit off the sale about 10 years later.

net over the bush.

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It’s all relative - piece of mind is key and being content (obviously Johnny $$ has a say in both)…

time in the market will always be more important than timing the market. buy a fucking house.


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Whatever she wants, buy without question.

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Even if you don’t time a property purchase perfectly, consider how long you want to hold the property, and how much equity you will have built up during that time, even if prices stay the same.

I’d bet that in a four or five year timeframe, prices will be recovered or more likely appreciated, and during that time you will have a reasonable amount of equity.

If you rent for another five years, you’ll have nothing to show for it

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