Just got revenge on a mosquito

Pretty much just when I go to bed so I can listen to village people after finishing a bud light while reading on my Apple phone.

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Really though, I’m not gen z nor am I black, so the answer is no, I don’t do that.

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Well, at least blacks don’t have to be everywhere with those Bluetooth headsets like they used to

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Usually it’s speaker phone max volume so I welcome their move to one airpod in.

Yeah, he should check prices…

feels so good to kill a house squite that’s been monching on you for days



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Deep Woods Off works well.

high quality GIF

Everyone gonna ignore the sixth finger lol


That is no way to get vengeance against a mosquito. Too quick.

Swat it lightly, just enough to stun it. Then pluck a wing off of it, then throw it in an ant bed. Let his screams of agony be a warning to the others.

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OP needs to hope and pray that it wasn’t one of Bill Gates genetically modified mosquitos.

If you start wearing women’s clothes and watching gay porn then you can probably blame Bill for it!

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The blood picture looks like a fat guy jizzing red nut

Just killed another motherfucker