Just got Super Smash Bros Brawl on Wii

I wish they still had online capability but with 4 controllers I can at least host a good old smash party some day soon. Those games were the bomb dot com.

Those who played this back in the day, did you put in the time and unlock everything legit or just enter the code for instant gratification?

I just picked up a switch and super smash bros last week and it’s fucking great. Tons of levels and u unlock characters pretty quickly just playing it.

Super Smash Brawl is the only one I’ve ever played. My mom had it haha, it was pretty fun.

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Lol, your Mom sounds cool.

Haha, yeah. She doesn’t play anymore, but when I was younger she was big on all the Mario games, and a few others. We actually played a ton of Diddy Kong Racing, and Ken Griffey’s Slugfest (for some reason lol). That homerun derby was legit.

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I’ve got the game on switch and did the cheese by restarting every time to unlock everyone. But then I only use Donkey Kong so was pretty pointless.

My 9 year old nephew beats the piss out of me though so I’ve pretty much given up on it.

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You’ve just gotta refine your skills and really hone your craft with DK (or someone else) and focus on that one character and their skill set. Remember, winners never quit. And quitters never win.

I just can’t get into playing it by myself at all to really get good at it. The physics are just all over, and I never seem to KO anyone off map unless they’ve been beat up for awhile. I go flying off all the time.

I’ve kinda reached the point where I’m done playing other people anyway. The reflexes just aren’t what they used to be.

So this is what’s in store for me once my 5 yr old gets into gaming?

She is.

Hopefully just me paying for my past, but enjoy your wins while you can for sure.