Just got the 2009 Worlds DVD set!!!

I think the production of this event is absolutely phenomenal. With all the camera angles (including that moving boom cam), on screen scoring, and commentary - this is the best jiu-jitsu event ever put on DVD. Seriously, the quality is on the level with ESPN. Very good work. What impressed me most was that the professional quality even made some very boring matches watchable.

I know some did not like the commentary in the past, but personally, I really enjoy hearing Flannery's and Williams's views as the match progresses. For me its like watching Monday Night Football (I'm one of the guys that likes the commentary that too). I'm pretty sure you can turn it off, but once again, it makes the event more entertaining - therefore getting me to put in my DVD player a little more often.

The set is ginormous and watching it is absolutely killing my productivity.

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