Just got the grapplers toolbox set

I just got the Grapplers toolbox series in the mail today. Although I have just started to watch vol. 1.1. All I can say is Wow! I quickly realized that their is nothing fluid about my movement. I can definently tell that this stuff will be benificial to me in the future, as I found out just how "stiff" I really am as I started the first set of exercises. I will definently purchase more of your products in the future.
Thank you Scott,

TAFKAS, sorry to hear you got Grapplers Toolbox 1.1 tape. Your training and how you train will never be the same again. You will begin to question all your old methods of previous training, and wonder how beneficial they really were to you.

I to started will the grapplers toolbox tape, and now I own every ROSS tape, except the Movement health series. I have trained in various art forms throughout the last 5 years to round out my training, Ruas Vale Tudo (4 years), Pancrase with Bas Rutten (3 years), thai boxing with Pedro Rizzo and Rob Kaman (only about 3 months), boxing and Escrima (1 year). Originally I thought ROSS was just all about grappling, and didnt think that they could possibly help me in any other areas. And then I would see these new tape series coming out like Shockability, Bayonet and knife fighting, take downs and throws, health and respiratory enhancement, Fisticuffs, Arthrokinetics, and soon Leg Fencing. But after watching all these different tape series i'm AMAZED at the completeness of the ROSS system. And I now I no longer pre-doubt any of there material before seeing it, I trust in all things ROSS now. Also I really have no reason to seek training elese where and in 3 different places.

I'm still early in the process of refining my training and teaching. This is much harder than just teaching people a bunch of techniques. It requires much more thought, and consideration. In short ROSS has evolutionized/revolutionized my training for life.

can someone give me a synopsis of the grappers toolbox? I know they are exercises and not submissions, sweeps, takedowns, etc. What I am interested in knowing is are they exercises that can be done in your living room? Can they be done alone?
I am also interested in arthokinetics.
On a related note, what happened to product reviews? they used to have that at the old mixedmartialarts.com site, but they got rid off it.

The first three GTB tapes are almost all solo drills, with just a couple of partner drills on 1.1. I gather there is also a set of tapes on partner drills which I have not seen.

I can do nearly all the exercises in my living room, though I have carpet and not bare boards, and I have a fairly big living room (and for some stuff, I would need to rearrange the furniture). Some exercises you would want to start out on a softer surface like wrestling mats (the "belly flop" being a prime example). Soft grass outdoors will do as well (dont wear your best BJJ kimono). You can get by barefoot or with socks on carpet, though you'll probably want some form of thin or flexible footwear outdoors - my old TKD-style "martial arts shoes" work pretty well, though wrestling boots will work as well (as would UGS).

GTB is IMHO a must for anyone wanting to perform at their best in any form of groundfighting.

So Nas, out of all those places/people you trained with where/who was the best?

Rob Kaman was the best Kickboxing trainer. Marco and Bas are also excellent teachers for MMA striking and grappling. As to who was better Marco or Bas, no comment.