Just Got UFC 43 &44 on DVD

Just got UFC's 43 & 44 on DVD -- and it was soooooooooooooooooooo worht it. each DVD was 14.99$ and the special features were awesome! Great BUY for the money!

TTT for any questions my forum brothers and sisters might have!!!!!

Eric Bedwell


Yeah, where did you get them?

FYE -- but I have some conections! BUT, they are worth every single penny!!!!

what are the special features, how edited is the show, entrances, between round fights, etc.

Got them at FYE

hope they showed the prelims! probably had 90 minutes left on the disk and ended it instead haha

What was on the 44 DVD that wasn't on PPV??

Plus I am jealous that you got them early....... sheesh. :)

Jealousy is killing me over here!

When is the release date?

Who is this she that might be full of shit mmafan4life??

I thought the release date was Feb 8th?

lol at maxpower

I got the UFC 43 DVD over the weekend. I ordered mine from deepdiscountdvd.com. It's format is similar to the UFC 42 DVD. I was surprised that Zuffa put Chucks intro becuase of all the bashing it got. Well worth $13.00!

Can get UFC 44 for $13.16 and free shipping and UFc 45 for $13.19 and free shipping at deep discount dvd .com

How are they being made so affordable this time when all the other UFC DVD's were more???  Are they being put out by a different distributor?

"How are they being made so affordable this time when all the other UFC DVD's were more??? Are they being put out by a different distributor?"

They actually now have a distributor starting with UFC43.

and their single disc now too.

UFC 43 special features:

Randy Couture makes weight
Yves Edwards makes wieght
Vitor Belfort makes weight
Ken Shamrock at weigh in
No Love lost Between Wes Simms and Tim Sylvia
Pedro Rizzo & Tra Telligman Enter the Octagon
Pedro Rizzo Post-Fight
Frank Mir & Wes Simms Enter the Octagon
Frank Mir has a few words for Wes Simms
Vernon "Tiger" White Pre-Fight
Kimo and Tank Pre-Fight
Kimo Post-Fight
Couture and LIddell Prepare to Fight
Vitor Belfort Post-Fight
Randy Couture Post-Fight

And I am HE and not full of shit