Just Got UFC 43 &44 on DVD

And all prelems are shown, on both DVD's

On the UFC 44 DVD, a huge segment with Randy Post fight deals with the spanking episode, and it is funny as Hell!

Dan Henderson: If your gonna spank him, SPANK HIM! Don't pat him on the ass.

Are they good ericbedwell?? Are you really happy with them?? And if I was in Ventura, would I be able to buy them at a store?? Or just on the net???

Momita, the dvds are now sold at retail outlets all over the country. Ventura is the distributor.

These DVD's ROCK! Well worth the money! I will be buying any and all UFC event DVD's after this! Great prices when you get them early, other wise they run around 20.00$

And can you still hear me at the end of Jeremy's fight yell "I love you Scorpion"?

I heard it on PPV, so I was just wondering........ sheesh. :)

Well, I heard Tito crying pretty well, and it really was sad, no kidding! Tito has such passion!

All prelims are on both DVD's. These are some great DVD's guys!

How is it going, GO TIME?! You planning on buying these puppies?

Oh NOW they decide to release them!

And for only $15 each? Hmmmm?

We'll see.

Well, from what I remember, they don't show all the walk ins, but they do show some of them. The production value of these DVD's is SLICK. Plus, you get ALL the prelims. The DVd's are different than the PPV's -- but in only small ways. Over all, it looks like they cut out the stuff from the PPV's that really didn't add anything to the over all show, save the ditching of the walk ins.

The best thing about them is that A) they are DVD's, and B) the special features, which ROCK. Watching the Uno / Franca bout, that flip that Hermes landed almost broke Uno's freakin' neck! Seriously. It may very well have been the closest the UFC has ever come to a serious life threatening injury. The prelims being included give these DVD's a major advantage over the PPV -- and add the bonus features, and the PRICE, and you have some MUST HAVE DVD's. And the fact that they are finally on store shelves like FYE and Best Buy -- it is a huge step forward for Zuffa.

Buy these DVD's! At the price of 14.99-19.99, you have nothing to lose.

Just my 2 cents.

momita, I am watching the Jackson/Diaz fight now, and I will listen to see if I can hear you screaming, and will post after.

I'm going to Ventura tomorrow, I wonder where these places are that sell them? Maybe Best Buy??

Sorry, momita -- didn't hear it. They cut out some of the footage after the tap out, and went right to the raising of the hands. :-(

momita --

Don't go to Ventura, go to Best Buy, or FYE. Ventura, I believe, is the distributor or something.

well thats good!!! LOL :)

Thanks ericbedwell, Jeremy lives in Ventura, I think I've been to Best Buy with him.

Anytime, momita

I'm stuck in Springfield, MO LOL

Where Bart Simpson lives???



LOL. Very funny

On UFC 44, they are showing the walk ins for Sylvia vs McGee. I think on the title fights, they show the walk ins. They also said that Pat Melitich wants Royce Gracie!

My, my, my. GO TIME, where are you? I know you have something to say about that.