just had my first fight

So i know most of ya probably don't care...but i'm posting them anyway!!! hehehe.

Me (Robert Patrick), Keith, Bradley, and Ed. AKA: Unashamed Athletics

Praying with my corner





Guillotine (i almost finished him with this, but i only had half guard and couldn't be as efficient as i would have been had i had full guard)

Clapping for Mike after he defeated me via KO

He came out kicking, but he hurt his foot so he stopped throwing the kicks. I will say this though: he did a great job not lettin me catch on and know he was hurt. After a few punches were traded, he went for a take-down, but i countered with a guillotine choke pictured above. However, i only had control of one of his legs (half guard) rather than his body (full guard), so i couldn't use the choke as effectively as i wished to. Plus, just being in a new environment and being zoned out, i didn't really think clearly about how to readjust to finish it from half. He eventually escaped and tried to pound me out, but i fought my way back to my feet.

I was backing him into a corner, but with my lack of experience, i had my gloves pretty low, and he landed a solid blow on my chin that had me seeing triple. I started stepping back, waiting for my sight to go back to normal. However, just as soon as i regained senses, he nailed me with a left hook that put me down. I never went out, but i couldn't see any longer, and i knew i wouldn't be able to get back up, so i put my hand by my head and just waited for the ref to stop it.

I loved it. Save becoming a Christian, it was the coolest thing i've ever experienced! I will definitely be back for more. Hope you enjoyed!

PS--how do i get my green name now?

Really? I can punch you in the head anytime you want.

P.S. Congratulations on your first fight, win or lose.

TTT for a fellow Christian fighter.

So how do i get a green name now? Sorry, i'm a member, but i don't come here often enough to keep up with how to do all this stuff.

Great job keep those hands up!!

Cool pics! =) Keep on growing your hair so you look like this...


dernit, i hate TLG matches!!!

That's awesome man, pro bout I assume?

nah, it's amateur. The guy i was fighting has been wrestling since he was 5 and taken BJJ for a few years, and i've only been training since September (and most of that is unorganized stuff in the back yard with buddies cuz i can't afford the gas to drive to a proper facility).

But anywho...

Congratulations and God bless

congrats, im a buddhist but god is too big for one religion!

ammy's don't count for a green name. Congrats though, get some more (organized training and keep coming back. Cool pics.

dernit...no green name :-( poop ( yes, i used a sad face and i said poop)

Well i guess i'll just have to get a few amie wins, go pro and earn my green name then, won't i!?

congrats dude you have taken a step that most of the UG hasnt.

Good job. You came out a winner in this. You are stronger mentally and better prepared for your upcoming matches.

congrats.. are you out in Mobile?

there are a lot of promotions in Louisiana.. especially New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette..

if that was a pro fight just contact Kirik. Green Namers=Pro Fighters.

Nah, it was ammy, not pro. But that's cool. I'll get my green name later. And yeah, i know about some of the promotions in LA, so i preciate ya bringin them up. There are a lot of things MMA startin to go down in Alabama. Most aren't sanctioned, though, and i wish they wouldn't happen cuz if sumthin bad (serious injury, or heaven forbid a death) were to happen, it would be bad for alabama MMA. The event i took place in was sanctioned by the ISKA.

But anyways, thanks for the comments guys. It was def. a great learning experience, and it won't be long (just a couple of months) before i'm back in a ring or a cage, i hope.