Just had to put my dog down. It's tough bros.

Her name is Sexy Sadie.

She was a good girl. She lived a long happy life. She would've been 14 in April.

We got her when my wife and I found out that we were having our first kid. She was officially the start to our family. I remember my first walk with her.

Man it's tough. It was time and if we would've kept her alive, it would've been for us and not for her.

My wife and kids are a wreck right now. I'm trying to stay strong for them, but I'm gonna have to lock myself in the spare bedroom for a few minutes and bawl like a little bitch.

Here's a few pics of her.


I'll always have a special place in my heart for you Sadie. I hope there's a whole field of tennis balls and someone to throw them for you wherever you are.

Right now, I'd give anything to have her and take her for one more walk. Phone Post 3.0


Here's the song she was named after. Phone Post 3.0

sorry to you and your family for you loss, gotta be tough, they are a big part of family

I've been in that situation, OP. Sorry man. Phone Post 3.0

: ( Phone Post 3.0

Did that last month...brutal. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry to hear about your loss, bro.  RIP Sexy Sadie

feel for you bro.
Go get a puppy tomorrow!

Sounds like Sadie had a great life, man. Sorry for the families loss. Phone Post 3.0

sorry bro!

Sucks bro. I went through that two days before Christmas. The grief came in intense waves. It will get better with time.

Sorry for your loss.

I was able to feel a little better by volunteering at a dog shelter. Much better actually.

Eventually I ended up adopting two because my wife wanted to.

While they are cool dogs, I don't feel the same connection with the new dogs. Previous dog was my buddy and partner in crime, the new ones feel more like animals I am caring for. Not that I regret getting them, it's just not the same.

Don't get a dog right away IMO. They aren't easily replaceable like that. I feel we got our dogs too soon after mine passed, and I still miss my dog terribly.

When you do decide to get a dog, I would suggest rescue instead of buying a puppy. Lots of great dogs at shelters.

RIP. Sorry for your loss brotha Phone Post 3.0


Condolences brother. Phone Post 3.0

A couple of years ago I had to put down my dog whom I'd had since I was a child.

She was old and her kidneys failed after a long illness where I'd have to force her to swallow pills every day (which broke my heart having to put her through that pain)

When she was on the vet table and he brought the needle, she dragged herself over to me for protection, and I just held her down. I still remember the way she looked up into my eyes as I held her down.

I apologised to her as the vet put her down and I broke down crying in the vets clinic; I don't give the slightest fuck what anyone thinks of me for doing so. That dog was one of the greatest friends I ever had.

Sorry for your loss mate. I'll never get another dog. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry to hear that man :(

RIP to your pup man.  These threads always make me give my pooch a big hug.  He's still a youngin' (2 1/2 years) but it makes me sad to think about

RIP Saide

Rough one bro

I am sorry to hear about Sadie. You gave her a great life and she is not suffering.