Just had to stab a guy who tried to rape me

I was walking along just minding my own business when some Mad man jumped out of a tree and tried to get my clothes off. He was a wiry little fella too. He had to let me go for just a minute while he reached for his Vaseline and I jabbed my blade is far into his shoulder as I could!! He ran off crying like a little girl... and now I'm up in the tree getting ready to try the same thing!

what a twist

Hitman Herbert - Spins are supposed to have you add a twist to the story. Like maybe you caught him masturbating,or you succeeded in raping him. It's not supposed to be the same exact story from a different perspective.
Says the 17er.... I can tell my story anyway I want to. At this point, I'm just sticking to the truth. By the way, plan on walking under any trees in the future?