just heard brock is out of ufc 91

 sketchy details though, lets wait and see

 possible hamstring injury. dam that will suck


no, its a rumor. Gross on SI said some guy pretending to be Fertitta phoned Xtreme Couture and said the fight was off.

IT should be on si

 i was pumped for this fight. fuck!!

newbloodmma -  i was pumped for this fight. fuck!!

Are you even reading your own thread?

OmegaPoon -  lemme guess, ur getting this breaking info from GB's thread? lol

 what thread? lol...read this on fullcontacttalk

 thanks poon


It's amazing the things people ask sometimes. Last Saturday at Strikeforce's card at the Playboy Mansion, a spectator said he'd heard a rumor in the bathroom: Randy Couture had injured his leg and wouldn't be able to fight Brock Lesnar.

It seemed like one of those things you hear and generally dismiss. But there were a lot of industry insiders at the Mansion that night, and who knows what was going on in the bathrooms? So it was worth looking into.

Turns out, Couture was fine. In fact, he had a tremendous week of training and was taking the weekend off to hunt in the mountains of Colorado, according to his wife, Kim.

But, on Thursday, Kim Couture rang about another crazy rumor that was going around. Someone, doing his best Lorenzo Fertitta impersonation, called the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas. People inside Xtreme Couture scrambled when the fake Fertitta claimed Lesnar was injured, and the Nov. 15 fight was off. The rumor, however, was quickly quashed after confirming Lesnar, all 280 pounds of him, was fine.

Nothin' like a little MMA amusement.

I wish it was true. Tired of UFC making these fights just to get the ppv buys. No way Lesnar has earned that title shot.

 Randy Couture also had his first title shot after 3 MMA fights.  As Brock says "Who Cares", I'd still be interested in seeing this, title or not.