Just Hit the 100th Beer Mark

on ratebeer.com

whoooot! I'd like to thank my mom for running to the store all those times when i was in highschool and picking me a 6er of SNPA. I'd like to thank the Irish for Guinness and selling it to me when I was 16 in London. Gosh, this is so unexpected. Uhh, I'd like to thank the State of Ohio for printing such a clear picture on my legal drivers license... thanks to all those I didn't mention - oh, and Jesus - we did it, J!

yea, they're mostly for keeping track of what i've had

bahaha, right on man. I did my 18th tonite :P I didn't start rating until this forum launched tho.

Hey jonwell, what do you think about starting a beer rating thread on here. We could keep a spreadsheet for anyone who wants to participate, and I might be able to post it on the net, I'll check with my web guy.

I think it would be fun to start a beer rating database here, and we could come up with a 50 or 100 beer t-shirt that we could do up on cafe press.

Hm... do you think we could do it in a spreadsheet? There's a lot of different data point, you got the rater, the beer, the description, the overall rating... I suck at Excel, I don't think I'd be able to do it. Looks like most people are cruising to Ratebeer now, and they already have a perfect setup going with neato stats and everything.

I'm at like 78, mostly crap that I put on there for numbers.