Just In Case Vitor is Too Upset

1st, I really hope his sister is found safe. Fighting does not compare to the possible loss of family.

But, if she is not found, my suggestion is to find 2 fighters that are will willing to fight if Vitor is not willing.

Horn, Vladdy, Liddell whoever. 1 would be the 1st alternate, 1 would be 2nd and fly them both out. If Vitor fights, the fans get an extra fight. If Vitor doesn't, 1st alternate fights and the 2nd gets 5k for his time.

I will be going to the event and it would really suck not to have a main event. Something can still be done to have a pretty good fight. Just my dos centavos.

I dont think this fight will happen....

Horn would be perfect! Rematch of their Rings fight.

The publicity damage would be substantial, but who would be better in terms of marketing? Kenny maybe if he's actually training.


I`d rather see Rampage in there.

"I can do some thangs with dat money"

not to sound like a dick, but isn't vitor's sis like 29 or 30? if so, isn't it possible she just up and took off. i mean it would seem kind of odd for a 30 y.o. to be abducted.

It isn't that odd it does happen.

I doubt we would see Rampage even if his hand was not broke.

How did that happen anyway?

Vladdy is scheduled to fight in Pride so I doubt we would see him either.

Any updates?

I'd really like to see a Mo Smith style fighter.

If Vitor does pull out, good luck finding anyone willing to fight Captain America on 2 weeks notice :)

It's not going to be anyone from Pride

Mike Kyle weighs 250 ,,He aint fighing 205s any day soon .........

Mike VanArsdale will give Randy a run for his money .......

Van Arsdale-Couture would be the most boring fight eva. And I was live at 33

Britney Spears's ex-hubby will do it....but only if he gets to wear torn jean shorts :)

VanArsdale fights are never boring ....Hes an unorthadox wrestler who has flash and speed in his game ...What fight of his has been boring ????

Um, every fight of his I've seen. Esp. Haseman from WFA 3. He was losing that fight until that goofy ending BTW

I don't think it would be a great idea for Randy to take on a new opponent 1-2 weeks before the fight...

I mean, it's a 5-round championship bout...don't you want at least a little bit of time to create a gameplan and then practice that gameplan?

On the other hand, I'm sure it would be a bitch for Randy to not have a fight after he's been training so hard with a single goal in his mind for the past couple months...

2 weeks is a good length of time. Plus, it is Couture we are talking about. Don't sleep on that

Randleman v Couture part II


Ninja Rua v Couture


Frye v Couture