Just installed VS .NET

Just installed it on my computer to learn and play around with it

where should i start?

btw i installed it without converting from fat32 to NFS?

im the only one that needs to see the stuff i have made so it should be no problem correct?

go to www.asp.net and check out "starter kits" section. You can download the source code of already made up applications, see how everything works and go from there.


Check out the quickstart tutorials too.http://samples.gotdotnet.com/quickstart/

Go to your local library and get a book. If you installed VS .NET and don't already know different programming languages then I suggest you first learn something like the C++ language then start learning VC++. If however you already know C++, VB, or Java, I'd suggest getting a book that teaches you how to use that part of VS .NET and then building from there

Learn C# first.

i have a basically knowledge of c++

thanks for the input

TTT sorry just wanted to make sure this thread doesnt get deleted yet

That's C# code man, for VC++ you want:

using namespace System;

int _tmain()
    Console::WriteLine(S"Hello World");
    return 0;

Drift, how's the learning going?

im taking a asp.net class now at my university

learning a little slow but learning none the less

we're making forms and such in vb i know a little c++ so i might try to learn more with c#

It's all about knowing the framework. Mess around developing some console apps and play around with collections, dataset, and datareader.