Just joined today!

Just joined this today:

I'm bringing my truck next Monday to get the rods and injectors changed out.  I'll be putting down at least 450hp at the wheels and will be running about a mid-13 in this: 

Believe it or not, that'll still leave me way behind as far as most of the DHRA members go.  But that will allow me to beat on all the ricers and a lot of the local "hot-rods" at the track.  I'm going to the track in Gulfport July 4th weekend.  I'll post the new times after.  They GUARANTEE at least a 1.5 second drop in my ET with these injectors, and they haven't been wrong by me yet.  My best w/o the injectors is a 15.2 (- 1.5 = 13.7)!