Just learned a new technique today

I got this out of an old grappling magazine,it was called the choke a dope in that magazine .I was wondering if anybody has done this move and how well it worked for you.

I was looking at it at a friend house it was 2002 grappling magazine,I got caught yesterday about 5 times by this thing need a counter I'll try to explain the moves since I dont know the month it was in 2002.example its like a front headlock with an arm in from a sprawl opponnent steps over your head with his front headlock grip still on and simple falls on his butt and throws his other leg over your back for the finish this totally chokes you out quick.

TONY DESOUZA!!! I've seen Tony pull this off a few times and its good.

I don't know anything, but thanks anyways.

This is what Dave Terrel choked out Cameron Earle with at Grapplers Quest

I finally found a counter but dam this move works good Ive found myself using now instead of trying to take the back if you miss it you usually hit the triangle,ten finger guillotine,or get the half back position.fantastic move,but for any one who doesnt know the counter you simple just hold the foot that is closest to you then when he falls to apply pressure your head wont get trapped but unfortunatly that only stopped the one move not the chain.once again exellent move!

Could somebody explain the move better?


This needs a little better explanation. Can someone please explain


Watch (or buy then watch) "101 Submissions" from www.onthemat.com. On the DVD Tony DeSouza pulls it off. Or, watch Tony's UFC fight with (I think) Paul Rodriquez... Altough Tony didn't land the move in his fight with Rodriquez, he was set up for the most wicked guilitine choke I've seen.

I'd try to explain, but it is a very funky move. You have to see it.

i almost understand any pics? what magazine?

ttt for pics. I've seen Marc Bocek pull this off a few times.

this is what minotauro did last night.