Just like he practiced--Gomi gif

I am sure Gomi knew Ralph knew he couldn't stand with him...so I bet he practiced that knee 1000 times.


Damn that knee was hard.

It actually looks like he was trying a roundhouse to the leg or body and got a little lucky with the knee when Ralph lowered his level for the takedown.

I don't want to take away from Gomi's great win, but that's how I would call it. That ain't the way you throw knee's.

mike: while i am usually in agreement with you and I know how good you are I think I have to disagree with that. When training with George Allen he taught me a kick called a 45 degree cutter in which you throw the kick to the midsection with the leg bent at 45 degrees so if he changes levels the knee lands right on the face. It is devistating as seen above.

What makes you think he could not stand with him? You never saw it happen? You barely saw a fight. All you saw was a knee that hit the right place at the right time for Gomi. It could happen in any fight, to any fighter. If a fighter is hit in the right place at the right time it will cause a knock out... same thing happend to Saulo, Uno, Silva. Does not mean they can not stand up. Its too bad cause it could have been a great strategic fight and a fun one to watch.

Of course a perfectly place knee is a good strategy..

A combo kick---damn. Knee for the head, leg for the body.

I do not believe Ralph could stand with Gomi, not at all. That is my opinion.

now that I take a closer look, Your right, it is a round House. A little luck is a good thing in MMA.


You might be right, but I was looking at Gomi's hips and feet which is what made me think he was throwing a roundhouse. If that was planned, he worked it to perfection, but I'm sticking to my story ;-)

BTW, congrats on your recent wins. Keep training hard and good luck in your future events.


Did not look like a good takedown attempt