Just Lost a Family Member!

 Just Lost a Family member.

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My wife just Lost her Father at 3:30am today 4-22-08. Do to a hard fought battle (Cancer). Manuel Meza was a Great Person, This guy will be missed on this earth by anyone that has ever met him. What an amazing man. We do know he was a Believer in The Lord Jesus Christ & he is now absent from his earthly body & present with God -The Creator (Jesus Christ). We take comfort in this, But our natural thinking want's you back & misses you already. "Take Care & God Bless Manny we Love you". If you guys out there can pray for strengh for my Mother in Law, wife & Family membersl. I would be greatful. Thank you! Brian Warren www.unbreakablegym.com

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Brian, I am sorry to hear of your loss. All the best for you, yours and your gym.