just made some awesome catfish

use black bean sauce and just tossed in a skillet..  easy, cheap and fucking good.

catfish in black bean paste

 I have some of that sauce, but I am hesitant to put it on sea bass, which is the only fish I currently have in the house.  I love sea bass.

you can use this sauce for seabass but don't toss it in a skillet.  steam it with ginger and green onions then top with this sauce..don't use a lot if you're steaming the fish.

 actually that sounds even better than the catfish... hmmm....

 Yum, thanks

I love to catch catfish, but cant cook them to save my life. Always taste muddy and have an odd texture.I've tried soaking them in salt water, milk, buttermilk, and milk with jalipenos, with no luck :(