just noticed something last night

they are actually starting to build fueds in wwe. this is something that was seriously lacking for a few years now, and it finally seems to be working out. the sheamus/morrison fued is still going. the nexus/cena thing went on alot longer than i would have thought.

i think wrasslin has turned a corner.

Was last night any good?  First one I missed in a long ass time.

Thought it was the worst Raw in some time

 Kind of disjointed. CRB is pretty much correct. Worst Raw in well over a month. I think they think people actually care about the Slammies.

nobody cares about the slammy awards, but the things that they set up with it were cool. come on, guys. it's not like they let arquet win the strap.

Was good to see Edge & Christian together, but I was sooooo hoping for a "for those w/the benefit of flash photography".

i was surprised to see them bring "angry girl" out for the Audience Reaction Award segment