Just Ordered AMP

Ill give my 30 day opinion just like I did with Nox CG3 =)

The website of the actual developer.

My supps right now sit at


Nox CG3

Hydroxy Cut Hardcore (Which AMP will replace)

Amino Fuel from Twin Labs (The Liquid)

GNC Mens Multi Vitamin (Sport)

Omega Fatty Acids

And Whey Protein.


How's the CG3 going?

Its weird.... I get more reps out while Im using Nox because of the "Energy" boost. My workouts seem more intense when I take it as to the month I was off it afterwards to compare it.

But as far as gains actually go... I cant say its been a huge help.

I will however vouch for Gamma-O in that area... once I added that I could tell after 6 days.

I felt euphoric for a few days after I started taking it... but now Im starting to see gains in strength and fat loss.