just ordered mastering twister

just ordered mastering the twister, I hope it somehow comes out earlier then OCT!!!!!!

I think you would be lucky to get it in oct. I would guess most likely november or maybe dec.

They had quite a few products that were meant to be released over the summer, alot say late summer now and i havent seen any solid shipping dates set yet. I dont count september as summer anymore.

Victory belt do great products, but their time estimates are normally abit off. Everybook i have had from them has been delayed, but on the same note every book i have had from them has been great.

Mastering the twister should be a great book, i am really looking forward to it.

also i hope i am wrong and they get the book out in oct

i thought that I heard BJ had some BJJ books coming out. Anyone know anything abou these? And, what about Marcelo's X Guard book?

The victorybelt forums are back up and someone was asking about bj's books. But there was no answer :(

This is from Erich on Randy's book

"I've got a shipment coming from my warehouse in Vermont to Cali. The moment they arrive, all pre-orders will be shipped out. I think the shipment will come in about two or three days."

The url for the forum for those interested is http://victorybelt.com/forums/

loved the rubber guard book, hope this one is good as well.

also cant wait to check out BJ's new books and marcelo's x guard book.