Just ordered "Street Boxing"

I just ordered the 3 set DVD's. A little bit of a late Xmas present to myself. Do you guys honor Amazon.com certificates? I got a ton of those for Christmas :)

I can't wait to see these DVD's. I've heard nothing but good things.

Don't forget the continuation to that series you have ordered!

The two continuation tapes can be purchased from www.streetbrawl.co.za/store and we have waivered all shipping costs on standard shipping until the end of Dec 2003.

Sorry we don't accept Amazon gift vouchers:)


Rodney "Chico" King


I'm interested in your 2 tape set. My only question is, do you cover defence or is this strictly an offensive standup set? Thanks and best wishes for the new year.

Hey There,
the two tape series cover both defense and offense. The Street Boxing tape actually covers allot of defense and continues where the SBG series left off. Also I cover empty hand strikes that are great for MMA and Self-preservation.

The clinch tape is awesome and shows how to set up postions for maximum devestation of strikes, including boxing, knees and elbows.

All the reviews for the tapes are on my site at www.streetbrawl.co.za

Hope this helped!




I thought the SBG videos were your newest release? Are the one's on your site the most recent ones?


I have both sets. The SBG set lays a great foundation and the two tapes direct from Rodney are a MUST HAVE follow up. They essentially answer the question, "How do I get through my partner's CM defense?!?" It's also a great way for developing striking off of the CM structure.

The second set is a 'live' seminar format which I always prefer...IMO it's like a 'live album' vs. one done in the studio.


Thanks Phil! So I guess I'm better off starting out with Rodney's SBG tapes before moving on to Rodney's tapes on his own site eh?

Thanks guys,
Menapace, that would be the best. Start off with the SBG series and then go to mine! Good idea.


p.s. You better make quick, I am releasing a follow up to my series in Feb 2004, if all goes as planned:)

Thanks again Rodney.

I've got a quick question for you if you don't mind.

Did you ever have problems with your hands when you had to punch bareknuckle? Broken knuckles and wrists etc.?