Just picked up Morrowind and Expan

...and expansions.

Haven't even installed it yet. Any non-cheating tips/advice?

I think its the other way round. Boring for a few hours, then gets interesting.

After you complete the main quest it gets borign again.

Cool game though. Not as good as Fallout but better than KotoR.

A lot better. Does a much better job of convincing you that you are just another inhabitant of a massive, living, breathing world.

KoToR fails in this respect.

Tsuneo is correct, though KOTOR is a good game.

Morrowind owned my life for about a month and a half, and I haven't played it since. But it was a good game, very immersive, I thought the engine was one of the best and sometimes I wonder why other games haven't used it. It's better than KOTOR's engine.

Sawwweet. Loading 'er up now.

Kotor owns Morrowind. Morrowind is good, but Kotor was so good I had to play it thru three times in a row, without playing any other game in between.

Morrowind is a great game, but it needs to be harder in the expansions.

fighting off three or four of the enchanted warriors at once in Tribunal would have been a real challenge, instead you only face one.

The Gods (Vivec, Almalexia, Sotha Sil) are far too easy to kill, even though the storyline says they've been weakened at the end of the game. I mean, she's supposedly your ex-wife and there's a strong suggestion in the game that she, Vivec, and Sotha Sil might have killed you or let you die so they could become gods.... plus, without ruining the plot totally, the way she behaves at the end of Tribunal could have been affected by the fact that suddenly you, a reincarnation of her ex-husband she may have killed/let die, has appeared, yet the game doesn't talk about that.

Tribunal should have developed the plot around you being the chosen one more and your relationship with Almalexia and given up more info on how you really died in your first incarnation.

by the time I got to Bloodmoon, I had two longswords that were the strongest weapons in the game (for practical purposes, there's one weapon stronger than that but it weighs 1000 units which is too much for most people to carry,) a full suit of enchanted Daedric and Legendary Item armor, and I could kill everything pretty much with a single whack or two.

you can enchant Constant Effect Restore Health and Restore Fatigue items that basically make you mostly invincible....

they should assume people have these items on them and make some opponents that deal out an insane level of damage as a counter.

I just got KOTOR, I'll have to get around to playing it sometime.

"For even more fun, enchant 100 points worth of Sanctuary and you will be invincible!"

actually, no.

you can still be killed by magic, you just can't be killed by physical attacks since they can't hit you.

Vivec and Almalexia have big honking fire spells that can kill you very quickly if you fight them and you don't have lots of Spell Reflection or Spell Absorbsion going.

Ash Vampires/Dagoths, Ascended Sleepers, Ash Ghouls, Daedroths, Atronachs, and Dremora Lords all have spells that can kill you, along with NPC humanoids with offensive magic, and vampires who can kill you with Vampiric Touch.

of course, you can dodge the magic at range, or if you have a bow or throwing weapons you can fire an arrow into the magic and set it off prematurely, although if you do that to some magic with a large effect range, it may still hit you... Daedroth's poison spells are an example.

now, you can enchant Constant Effect with multiple items up to 100% Chameleon and be totally invisible... you can still be attacked by some creatures that will throw magic blindly in the attack direction or attack in whatever direction you're smacking them with Melee weapons from, but most creatures will just freak out and run away and you can run after them and whale on them.

WARNING- SPOILERS AHEAD. I've tried to minimize them, but you will learn some stuff you shouldn't. Here are some suggestions for improvements to Morrowind. Tell me if I'm full of shit or not.

it would have been badass if you could have gotten companions in Morrowind later on like in Neverwinter Nights.

the basic game logic was there, you can even get one guy to join you as a merc in Morrowind:Tribunal, but you have to really suit the guy up in something like glass or ebony/daedric armor enchanted to here and back and give him a Legendary weapon to allow him to be effective at all and not get croaked by the goblins in the sewers the first time you take them on if you're doing Tribunal quests.

I had all these piles of Ebony and Glass Armor and all kinds of badass weapons at the end of the game I could do absolutely nothing with... having companions to give these to would make the game a lot better.. or maybe you could donate them to one of your factions and when there is a mob fight in a future game, they could use them. Or you would gain rep or something.

make the game scale in difficulty based on when you have companions or not would have been great... they did a remarkably good job of having the game scale as you gained level.

also, you should have been able to use a two single-hand sword or weapon style like in the D&D games as a special Double Weapon skill... using Trueflame and Hopesfire together would have been badass.

there were a few Dark Brotherhood guys in Morrowind and then you fight the Dark Brotherhood in Tribunal... it would have been cool if there were guild wars between them and the Morag Tong, since the game says they hate each other.

Speaking of that... why didn't you get missions to kill all of the Cammonna Tong guys instead of just one group if you are Imperial Legion or Thieves Guild?

Vampirism feels a little tacked on... it would have been cool if you were hunted by vampire hunters like some of the High Ordinators or Her Hand of Almalexia units, a la Daggerfall. The closest thing to this in the game is when you take on a Daedra temple of Sheogograth worshippers and you have to fight both the Daedra cultists and the Temple Ordinators hunting them, since you're on the outs with the Temple at the time.

Werewolfs are much better and more thought out.. the transition between human and werewolf via it being dark or not is badass, and making you an instant pariah if someone sees you shifting shapes is a great idea and balances things. There were werewolf hunters in Daggerfall, they should have been in Morrowind as well.

also, in Daggerfall werewolves and vampires take damage in holy places and from Holy/blessed weapons... this should have been implimented in Morrowind as well.

you should be able to have your weapons blessed to increase damage against undead like skeletons, bonewalkers, vamps, werewolves, etc.

the books in the game talks about battlemages and magic effecting entire battles.. having some small units attack other small units, like a squad or platoon of rogue Ordinators attacking an Imperial Legion garrison, with battlemages and magicians and archers/missle units supporting them, would have been cool as shit.

Or, having a squad of Imperial troopers, (High?) Ordinators, or an organized Daedra worshipper mob or gang of vampires/werewolves surprise and attack you as a high level character would have been cool as well.

one problem with the game is that magic is way too weak except in the very beginning and near the end where you're either taking on rats and Nix-hounds or you've got a ton of spell points, your Destruction is maxed to 100 and you can cast the God's Fire, God's etc. spells.

then again, it's easy to make magic far too powerful and mickey mouse.

you can duel Arch-Mage Trebonius in the Arena for control of the Mage's Guild, but it's pretty easy to kill him with strong melee weapons if you get close... there should be magic-only mage duels with magicka recharge stations you can use if you use all of your magicka.

that brings up another thing.. you only get to use the Arena when you are challenging for the control of a guild or faction and you fight their leader... why don't you get to fight other warriors or mages in the Arena and bet items like their armor against your weapons for who wins the battle, etc. in non-to-the-death or to-the-death duels?

they could even have had various types of gladatorial duels.. empty-hands/no-armor MMA-like/boxing duels, archery/thrown-weapon duels, magic-only duels, axe vs. long sword duels, two against one freestyle, etc.

it worked in TES:Arena, why not here?

another thing that allows "cheating" in the game is the fact you can Soul Trap a Golden Saint after summoning him/her via a scroll of Summon Golden Saint, use two Scrolls of Drathis's Soulrot to kill it, pay an absurd but gettable sum of money to an enchanter you are friendly with to make a ring that allows you to summon Golden Saints, and then just summon Golden Saints and kill them with 2 more Drathis's Soulrot scrolls apiece until you get a badass glass weapon like a glass claymore you can enchant with serious damage spells via trapped Golden Saint souls and use that to kill enough Golden Saints to get soulgems full of Golden Saints to give you all the Constant Effect soulgems you want so you can mickey mouse stuff.

you can also mickey mouse with summoned Dremora to get an infinite supply of Daedric weapons.

an easy way to fix this would have been to be to make summoned monsters, or at least monsters you summoned, not leave any souls or items behind.

another cool thing from Daggerfall was the drawback system for soul gem enchanting... you could make more powerful enchantments if you took various nasty consequences for having or using or not using the weapon or item... this is a system that could be open for abuse if it wasn't game balanced right, but it would make the game much more interesting. I can understand why they took it out, though.

MAKE THE GODS MORE POWERFUL!!! If you choose to kill Vivec, you can dodge Vivec's inital barrage of fire spells and/or if you have really strong Spell Absorbtion and Reflect going on from enchanted items or artifacts like Magnus's Staff, etc., he is easy as hell to kill as a high level character with serious weapons and armor. He attacks you with his freakin' fists, for Darwin's sake. He's a weakened god who was a former badass adventurer, wanderer, and high-level general, and he's stronger than you are stats-wise, shouldn't he have badass weapons he's accumulated besides Sunder and Keening, which he won't use on you if you even if you attack him before he gives them to you in the game as part of the main quest? And also, shouldn't he have badass armor out the yin-yang? And items? etc... Almalexia at least had Hopesfire.

another thing... why can't you find Daedra Princes like Molag Bal in physical form and kill/unsummon them?

Daedra can't be really killed according to the books in the game, just have their bodies killed and be unsummoned back to Oblivion, but this would have been really fucking cool and a serious challenge for high level characters... you could even have the Daedra Princes hold grudges against you for doing so and send squads of their lesser Daedra against you for revenge.

Also, put some freaking Dragons in the game... by the end of the game you are a fucking mobile tank if you've played your cards right, you should be able to take on one or two of them, especially with the support of companions or a faction squad. Daggerfall had Dragonlings to fight.

if you have multiple items with a Constant Effect of Reflect or Spell Absorbtion, or Constant Effect Restore Health or Fatigue, or both, it can make enemy magic and most enemy weapons practically useless, there should be some hard, costly, but possible way for high-level characters to disrupt Constant Effect enchantments temporarily, like a rare enchanted weapon/artifact or better yet a rare spell that can't be put in enchantments and takes a 80 or 100 Alteration or Mysticism level and sucks up a ton of magicka. Call it High Dispel or something.

selected high-level opponents should be able to use healing potions they carry, strength enhancing potions etc... it was great that the Hands of Almalexia will heal themselves once in a battle, but there should be more of this, although you have to play balance so they don't gobble 10 Exclusive Potions of Heal and you have a total healing/mickey war.

also, more Constant Effects for enemies at high levels.. the Hands of Almalexia were a good first step with their armor full of Constant Effects, but they aren't enough.

better enemy wizards! The Liches in Tribunal were little pussies compared to the ones in Daggerfall, although the Liches in Tribunal have better AI otherwise. I picked them all off and their summoned monsters with a Daedric Bow and silver arrows from a distance.

better enemy archers/missle units! The archer is the most underrated and frustrating opponent in Morrowind with a strong Daedric or Auriel's bow and silver or better arrows and high sneak, and even worse if the arrows are enchanted with high level souls.... the Centurion Archer machines in Tribunal are badass, they can really put the hurting on you in groups, and the ones with enchanted darts can actually kill my ultra-high-level mickeyed loaded-with-artifacts-and-high-heavy-armor character if they're in a mob and the Advanced Steam Centurions slow me down.

also... every mob should have an archer or two, and lots of people should be armed with missle weapons even if just at a low level, to cut down on the cheesy "Levitate and Fire Arrows/Damage Spells into Everyone" B.S.... also, your enemies should try to do that trick to you as well.

they made it WAYY too much of a pain in the ass to sell high-level items.

Using Creeper or the Talking Mudcrab is pretty much a necessity.. and you still have to rest/wait like 20 times and play all kinds of games to sell stuff.

the Museum of Artifacts is a nice attempt to balance this somewhat though.. there's supposed to be some guy who will buy your Legendary weapons/artifacts for full price in Tribunal, but I've never found him.

Also, you should be able to trade items like filled soulgems for enchanting cost cash and other services.

finally, enemies shouldn't always be reactive primarily... there should be people out there hunting your ass, the Dark Brotherhood stuff is a great example in Tribunal but they aren't powerful enough.

Having Ordinators actually attack you on sight when you are declared the Nevareine instead of the game just saying they will would have made things a lot harder.

Well played most of last night and it started sucking me in. I'm not reading any spoilers or whatever, just trying to figure it out by myself. It IS addicting already.

I've always found the most frustrating part of these games is getting started. Just have to get by the first part where a strong wind blows and kills you.

Got myself into some molded bone armor which helps. Need a good weapon though. Only have a short sword that has frost damage with it (value 62g).

Getting pissed off on some of the early quests too... like go get me the code book, but the bitch won't give it to me, and go get the key... no key to be found. Grrrr.