just played san andreas

Just burned san andreas and the game looks really good so far. Played only for some hours, but it was quite cool.

The map is HUGE. Similar to the 1st GTAs, very deep map. There are mountain areas at the outskirts of the city, little villages with cowboys and farmers, crops, etc... There are 3 cities, but only one unlocked so far (blocked bridges), but the map is still too big.

Lots of stuff to do, things to buy, etc... Nice cars, gyms, home invasions, drive by's, etc... really cool. The shootings in the streets quite nice (better control, but very similar to VC), and the gang thing is quite well implemented (territories, graffitis, etc...). You can swim, jump fences, cut your hair, buy new clothing, tune up your car, dunno, lots of stuff.

The graphics, while improved, are quite similar to the previous releases. Better cars, trees, weather effects and buildings. Its quite amazing what they've done, but it still has a VC feeling.

The music, mmm dunno what to say. Lots of stations, but couldnt really identify each style yet. Lots of R&B, reggae, and other black music. Still havent listened to much though.

Well, I'll continue playing later and will keep you informed. Oh and you can bulk up pretty quick, my homie already looks like kimbo.

it's a great game, but haven't played anything on ps2 for a while before this and the amount of pop up was simply astounding......is the ps2 really incapable of a decent draw distance??

actually I felt it was much better than the old GTAs. To be sincere I didnt notice it until you mentioned it.

I'm still not totally sure on how great this game is, though, but it has all the elements to be THE GAME. I say this because I remember playing True Crime and thinking it was great the first 2 days, when it really was a piece of shit; and the same with Manhunt. But so far, so good...

Oh, the cholos are hilarious.

it's only cause the character you play is black. I heard that if you smile the cops will find you right away..this true?

more info!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, and C.J. is very fast too, because he is always running from the cops

More cool stuff: you can approach your fellas (same gang) and target them. Then you press the dir. arrows and you can them make them follow you and start messing around with other gangs, get 4 in a car and do shootings, etc...

There are less people on the streets, but it has an overall more realistic ambience feel, especially the ghetto parts.

There are discos, striptease, videogame places, slot machines.

You can learn new moves in the gyms, but its not much, just some little stuff. You can also spar, but its quite easy. You do your routines in the gym also, but its really easy and quick to boost your character.

Also, the more you do something, the more your ability increases in that stuff. And the same with each weapon you find. For example: if you go riding your bike all the time, every once in a while you will see a message that your bike level increased, and also your cardio. The same with swimming, driving, running, etc...

The insides of the houses are now quite detailed (GTA style though) and many places can be entered.

I havent been able to rob a McDonalds without killing the staff. There must be a way, will have to try later.

The storyline so far is like the gang movies of the 90s, very cheesy and really cool. But I'm still a nobody doing little jobs and shootings.

Oh, and I dont have any money. I'm poor. I suppose this will change soon.

I have to figure this game burning stuff out one day.

how much trouble did you have burning this game?

Please give me a step by step, as I have a mod chip, boot CD, and DVD burner on the way here (with san andreas sitting on my hard drive).

funniest mission so far was you go to pick up one of your homies from jail, he is now all gangsta and shit, so you go to collect some debt or something, which in the end you end up chasing a fag on a motocycle. He keeps gay taunting you all throughout the chase.

Another was robbing a National Guard warehouse with your smokey friend. He keeps making comments about weekend warriors and how they're a joke.

"I havent been able to rob a McDonalds without killing the staff. There must be a way, will have to try later."


LOL this almost sounds too REAL !!!

Gonna be tough to get a copy without a pre-order correct?


that's what I was told by the chick at EB.. she said she even put a pre-order in for her kids.

Fuck pre ordering.

Just go to Best Buy or Circuit City and they always have more than enough copies.

Maddog - I had a little trouble as it seems PS2 is a bich with certain dvds. Burn it with verbatim at 1x and you should have no troubles. At least that helped me.

supersaiyan - Not really! what I meant is that I cant go to the employer, take my gun out and get the money. They simply stay there with their hands up. I get no money, so I end up killing everyone in the place. There must be a way.

BTW, I'm now a pimp. That and the home invasions are making my money account increase steadily. Much better now.

I always go to Kay-Bee toys. Nobody ever goes there for games.

I can't wait to do some home invasions.

Word, fuck preordering. Best buy, CCity Kay-Bee and even Target always have copies. Sometimes the prices at Best buy are lowers than EB. Again, fuck pre-ordering from bitches that buy back a game from you for $1 and turn around and sell it for $35.

i'm burning mine and selling it right away anyway.

"it's only cause the character you play is black. I heard that if you smile the cops will find you right away..this true?"