Just played this:

A friend of mine piacked this up last week, got a setp
and fixed a faulty pot.


The action is incredible, the neck is a little thinner
than I'm used to. It plays beautifully, he pretty much
had to pry it out of my hands and wipe the drool off.
I hate him so much.

The end.

The Guitar that A friend of Das Beaver's picked up last week

Damn DB that is quite an instrument!

Awesome! One of my dream guitars.

I've been dreaming about this thing, its really quite
pathetic. My plan is to get one of these new on


and get a straight trade-in for a nice vintage model
if I can find one down the road...or maybe just keep
the new one...or maybe I'll just stop daydreaming and
get back to work.

I've been thinking about getting a Gretsch. Ebay has some for around $500.00..it's a G something or other... They definitely make great looking guitars.

Its probably the Duo-jet, their solidbody guitar
series. I've never played one, but I'm sort of in the
mindset of, whats the point? I'm a big fan of Gretsch
but they are pretty pricey, I don't know how great a
guitar you will get for $500 on ebay.

thats REAL nice.

how are the cheaper gretches (i guess theyre non-american made) or the epiphone dots as far as sound and quality?

i think i need to include a guitar of this type in my collection down the road.

As far as I know the only cheap Gretches are CHEAP
Gretches, like the solidbody series. You can get some
pretty nice semi-hollowbodies by epihphone and ibanez
for a resonable price.