Just put some $$$ on DeLaHoya

I just put some cash on Oscar to win by DQ, KO, or TKO. What are
everyone's thoughts? Anyone have any expectations????

PS- Check out Muscle and Fitness. My bro Scot has a 4 page spread!

Mayorga 3rd rnd KO. De La Hoya is washed up.

Next time you wanna give money away just send it to me. Oscar will win a decision. He doesnt have the power to K.O. Mayorga, not even close.

Congrats on your bro making the big time though.

I am all over Oscar. I layed big juice early cause I thought it would only go up. And yesterday went and got more at -240.

Mayorga throws wide looping punches...Oscar still has the best jab around. Mayorga is gonna look like a pez dispenser

Oscar by Ko in 9

Don't worry, De La Hoya's got this one. I would have put more money down than I did if I had the scrill. :(

I think Oscar wins but not by stoppage unless Mayorga gets DQed

i just put a little on Mayorga KO. i think if dela hoya makes it past the early rounds than delayhoya can take it.

"Everyone said that about Vargas to, it is that one big shot it is the continuous beating that DLH will bring."

Not me. Vargas wishes he had the chin Mayorga does. I did call Mosely vs Vargas wrong though.

Ricardo Mayorga vs Oscar De La Hoya: WBC Light Middleweight
Sat 5/6 Ricardo Mayorga vs. Oscar De La Hoya
07:30 PM 151 Ricardo Mayorga +237
152 Oscar De La Hoya -257
Sat 5/6 Total Rounds (Mayorga vs. De La Hoya)
07:30 PM 153 Over 11.5 Rounds +108
154 Under 11.5 Rounds -118
Sat 5/6 Will R.Mayorga win by K.O., T.K.O. or D.Q?
08:00 PM 205 Yes +459
206 No -509
Sat 5/6 Will R.Mayorga win by Decision?
08:00 PM 207 Yes +775
208 No -900
Sat 5/6 Will O.DeLaHoya win by K.O., T.K.O. or D.Q?
08:00 PM 209 Yes +156
210 No -176
Sat 5/6 Will O.De La Hoya win by Decision?
08:00 PM 211 Yes +161
212 No -181
Sat 5/6 Will the fight be a Draw? (Mayorga vs De La Hoya)
08:00 PM 213 Yes +2201

yup, i got it at 3 to 1 for the Mayorga KO and 7 to 1 for the Mayorga decision. should be fun.

theres money to be made on draws if you take everything into consideration. I dont think this fight has potential but some fights have great potential.

This fight should be either Mayorga by K.O. or Oscar by decision.

Oh and my odds source was pinnacle. Help those guys out they are good to deal with.

I got the same bet... oscar by any stoppage at +165... mayorga's gonna be coughing up his tar lungs by the 9th!




smart money is on oscar...........every square on the planet bet Mayorga. This maybe my biggest decision of 2006..........maybe 2005 too, allotta time left.

How much did you make?

I made alot =)

Looks like some people are eating crow tonight. Washed up huh?

I love when people post with authority like SteveD did on this thread.

Im eating my crow. I thought Oscar would win but I thought it would be a decision. Seems like Mayorga is done.