Just quit WoW

On my old alli warrior on a Eu server.

Sold all my bags, clothes and gear and ran to goldshire. I made all the n00bs have a joke telling competiton to win my gold, jokes had to be yelled. It was horrible, lol.

Had them going at it arguing among themselves for 10 minutes then told them "first person to beat me in a bareknuckle naked duel wins all my gold". Lol, they sucked!

Finally a lvl60 came along and won, but I said they cheated and mailed my gold to an old guildy.

Yelled "HORDE FTW" and logged off for the last time.

Good times.

Still on Frostwolf, AB



soon as I hit 60 you're dead...oh, that's right, you're running scared to a new server!