just read it beatchh

hey i know a lot of people who have all the skillz to fight in mma and do well in mma. but choose not to fight.i consider them fighters cause they can, and would put the smack down on someone if they had to.also some guys that are in say early fourtys and dont heal as fast so they dont take as many chances. but would still beat some ass if they had to. they too are fighters.right or what. I fight but i respect tough guys who train but dont fight

I agree. I only do BJJ but im sure theres plenty of guys out there that train MMA but choose not to fight.

depends on how you train and how you carry yourself in training. some guys you just know would do well in a ring without actually seeing them there.

you dont have to do well in the ring to be considered a fighter.believe me

Man you should work on your punctuation; it would make it a lot easier to read. But anyway, yes I agree there are plenty of fighters out there that can handle themselves pretty damn good They are not good enough to be successfull in the ring, but people who make it far in MMA are simply on level that few people can ever reach. So yes I consider the "others" fighters anyway... hell I have friends that I could beat to the ground but still consider them fighters since they handle themselves so well in the street.

I agree with you.... and i believe the slang your looking for is 'Biatch!'

I agree with BUFFGEO...... and I believe it "you're" and not "your".

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