Just received BJ's book

This thing is ginormous, 300+ pages and it is DENSE. It's going to take me a year to get through all this! Lots of MMA-specific stuff that isn't quite wrestling or jiu jitsu or boxing/muay thai; all that in-between stuff that makes up MMA. Victory Belt has outdone itself with this one.

BJ's technique is outta this world...I have not seen the book yet, but anybody that wins the Black Belt World Championship without having a single point scored on them, now that's bad-ass.


TTT! Souns great, MMA really is its own thing with its own skillset.

Damn, there's a lot of books and DVDs I'd love to catch up on and that is
one of them.


Sounds like it's very specific to MMA, which is great.


Can't wait to check it out!

how do i get it

doesnt say till may 28th



Victorybelt.com lets you pre-order

These guys are great!!

so ill get it in a week if i order from them

if so done deal

BJ's 'Mixed Martial Arts' will be at Borders, Barnes and Noble, the UFC website, Sherdog, and Amazon at the end of May. At Victorybelt.com, we've only got a 150 copies left. We'll be getting more when the bulk order arrives at the end of May.

those videos of bj and eddie are sick, i got a long way to go it seems after watching eddie



I've had some time to look it over, but there is so much info in here that it's hard to comprehend and remember everything BJ says. One of his biggest arguments is that to be a good MMA fighter, you need to identify your base skill (bjj, striking, or wrestling/GnP) and build around that. Also, smoothly transitioning from one aspect to another is paramount to success in MMA. He works specific striking combos that set up specific takedowns, or faking a shot to strikes, fighting against the cage, lots of clinch work, and striking while on the ground.

Whenever I try to learn from a book, I usually only try to tackle 2-4 techniques during a training session. This book is just over 300 pages...it will take me a loooong time to get through it all. I've noticed in the techniques I've read that he points out little nuances to moves that make a big difference (in the stuff that I'm already familiar with). This is usually the biggest problem with learning from books, they leave out a simple thing that would be quickly corrected if they were instructing you in person.

So far, so good!

Looking forward to more reviews once it comes out.