Just returned from US Judo NAtionals in San Diego

The 2009 US Judo Senior and Masters Nationals were awesome. The venue in San Diego is unbeatable. Local Michander and Frenchman Oscar Lahoud finsihed 2-2 in the tough 66K division. His losses were to Josh Oneil who took first and Brad Bolen who took one the 3rd place medals. THe action was spectacular. And the best is yet to come. The fellow who took 1st in the toughest 73K division Michael Eldred is coming to Michigan for a couple judo semninars in mid May.

keep us in the loop on those seminars please

There are 4 matches posted on youtube from the some of the finals. Just go to www.youtube.com and type in 2009 senior nationals judo. The Takahasi vs McCormick match at the 3:10 mark is an awesome throw. And the Eldred vs Delpopolo match is decided with 1 sec left. Enjoy.