just rode 104 miles

 I completed the ride with over an hour to spare. Thanks to my bro's who gave. It was great to see people in wheelchairs thanking you for raising money and putting your body out there for them. 

the lowlight of the day was the 50 mile mark. they gave us lunch and then for the next 20 miles it was an insane hill roller coaster. My only consolation was seeing others walking their bikes up hills. Something about seeing yourself keep going when others quit is a gut check. I love it.

That's awesome Z, congrads on finishing. Is 100 miles more or less the biking equivilant of running a marathon?

 yes. My actual riding time was around 7 hours. getting it down to 5 hours is like running a 3 hour marathon. So Im going to have to move on and figure out what next. Im thinking about racing next season. It demands so much suffering for so long that I think only triathlons would be harder. thanks for your help. that money goes to a good cause.  Lance Armstrong said " suffering is my reward " Amen