Just saw 1992 royal rumble for the first time

and I was jacked. Now I know why you manchilds love it so much. Does anyone think Sid was screwed when Hogan pulled on his arm?


Hogan definitely screwed Sid. But the highlight of that card was Bobby Heenan’s commentary. Probably the single greatest piece of color commentary in wrestling history.

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I watched it live on Pay Per View, back in the day when Pay Per View required phone calls and credit cards and special cable box codes. You had to really want it.


Was mr perfect in it?


British Bulldog was a beast!!!


Love the royal rumbles. Favorite wrassling event.

We turn it into a gambling event,.like squares. Everyone gets numbers, but no one knows what wrestler you get till they come out. It’s awesome.

Best one was flair holding the ropes and winning it all

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Yup - second to enter the ring and won it all…


That old schook wwf was so awesome.
I cant even watch a second of it now.


I forgot just how jacked the Bulldog was in his day.

It is sad to watch and realize that so many of these guys are dead now.

I was there live for this, had great seats too. Awesome time.

For the love of god - don’t stop believing yo…

I’m probably on camera somewhere in OP’s video if I pause enough but too much effort lol