Just saw a second trailer for RedBelt...

 and it made me interested to see the movie much more than I was prior.

I guess what I was watching before was the "action-oriented" trailer and this one was the "thriller, indie fan" type of trailer. At least that's what the show host on the tv program showing it said, or something to that effect.

I had gone from being really interested in seeing the film based on the fact it was being done by David Mamet (had read a good story on it in Real Fighter magazine some time ago as well I believe) to seeing a trailer and not being impressed with what I thought was the premise and the notion that people would be "handicapped" in fights.

I guess I'm real sensitive about the image of MMA.

But this second trailer made me see there might be more to it and rekindle my interest.

Anyone else see this and know what I'm talking about?

That's pretty much it. I just thought of this and I knew no one outside of here or IF readers would likely care one iota about this so....well I guess that pretty much covers every topic we talk about here no? :-)

AMC is running a Tribeca film festival spotlight short that includes Mamet talking about Redbelt - he does mention that he has trained for a long time...

Don't see it, it sucks balls.

That's all.

 "he does mention that he has trained for a long time... "

That's one of the/ reasons I'm looking forward to it. Feel like he will have a rounded perspective.

You saw it HHH?

I saw a prescreening of Redbelt and for the most part I liked it. Got kinda overly dramatic at the end, and to me the ending was weak, but overall I enjoyed it.

Tons of MMA and BJJ cameos. Hardcore fans will enjoy seeing all the faces pop up.

Typical David Mamet writing, lots of sharp lines and quick paced dialogue exchanges. Chiwetel Ejiofor is solid as usual in the lead. I think MaX Martini(The Unit) is good as well. I remember I ran into him last fall at an IFL event, he was working on a documentary following Benji Radach around.

The opening scene was really intense and grabbed me from the get go... but well... when the one guy sparring gets caught in a sub you're thinking, "in real life a guy with that high of a belt would know how to defend."

Anyway, overall I enjoyed the movie... just not final portions.


I saw it as part of a pre-screening in NYC. Didn't like it - I think it was Mamet's worst film.

HardHittingHeeb - I haven't seen it, can you expound on what you didn't like about it?

Very unrealistic. I felt that the premise was stupid. The dialog and situations were retarded.

Maybe they edited the shit out of it and made it a different movie, but when I saw it, it was stupid.

Thanks for the reply!

 "I saw it as part of a pre-screening in NYC"

Gotcha. Shame you didn't enjoy it.


-- don't expect an action film or MMA film, really.


 That sounds ok, actually. The second trailer kind of personally conveyed that to me, made me look forward to it more.

The movie is more rooted in BJJ, which is Mamet's background.

The finale is a fight event, with some non-traditional aspects.

Saw it last night & I liked it, but if you are more a "Don't Back Down" Beanie-wearer, it may not be for you.

I go to the theatre once about every 3 years. After watching the second trailer I can see myself going to see this with some of the guys from the academy.

I like the idea of tying your hand behind your back as something significant.....

NOT! :)

oh pwn!

good point, TSOM

Mamet is an excellent playwrite (won the Pulitzer for Glengary Glenross), screenwriter(The Verdict, The Postman Always Rings Twice) and director(Spanish Prisoner is the best movie of it's genre since The Sting, IMHO; and I love the caustic wit of State and Main). Above all he is a storyteller. I'll stick to getting my MMA at the gym, and I am looking forward to a martial arts themed story from one of America's premier taletellers.

From the looks of it, I would rather watch this than the MMA version of Fast and Furious.

Doesn't matter, it's all about THE FIST FOOT WAY!

 "Above all he is a storyteller."

That's exactly why I was interested in it from the onset