Just saw an OG legend

The man, the myth, the legend Steve W just stopped by for a bit. You guys jealous? And before somebody goes there, I don't own any horses. Phone Post 3.0

For someone who has been a member since 2005 and only has 943 posts, this Steve guy must be a big deal for you to make a thread about him.

In early, but will probably be disappointed. Phone Post 3.0

You won't be disappointed Phone Post 3.0

Did he lick your taint? Phone Post 3.0

Did he try desperately to keep your attention the whole time and eventually get pissed off and tape up pictures of horse and scat porn around your kitchen until you made him leave?

Yeah, I'm expecting steve72 to come knocking on my door here in about a motnh and a half.

Steve W is a valued forum member and all around hilarious dude...although he is a UT Vols fan, which is a major strike against him.