Just saw the fight from rings.
Now, I will say that Fedor has a serious advantage in NHB because of the strikes he cannot throw to the head while on the ground here in Rings.
That said, what fight were the judges watching?????
Fedor did NOT win that fight.
The first two rounds saw Arona get about four takedowns to Fedor's NONE. It saw Arona have full mount twice, on Fedors back with a near rear choke, and two side mounts. In fact, the ref stopped the fight and tood it back up with Arona in mount twice..once while spinning into an armlock attempt!!
Fedor's defense for the takedowns were good, but arona kept at it, and as he would be getting close to getting it, Fedoir would try a guillotine which Arona would use to IMMediately pass guard as Fedor was going down and land in side mount... then go to mount.
Fedor did go for one leg lock in retaliation for an arona leg lock attempt, but it ended up with Arona with full mount.
The fight ended with one judge for arona and two with a draw???? So then the overtime, where again arona got both takedowns. Had full mount again and was stood up once to check a cut on fedor...
it was then given to fedor...
Bad call IMO.
I like fedor, but he didn't win that fight.
Arona looked shocked.

didnt Arona win the fight

It was very controversial.

that was along time ago! if they fougt again fedor
would dismantle arona. (imo)

Fedor DEFINITELY lost that fight.

IMO, Arona gave everyone the formula to beat him.

That fight is a blueprint for Mino to go by.......

why hasn't anyone really brought this up before? is this a rare fight to find? i was under the impression that fedor was in top position most of the time.

i'd think the rematch would be different if fedor could strike on the ground, but only if he was able to get top position. from the sounds of this match... maybe that would be difficult for him.

McLeod, what offense if any did fedor have in this fight? did he ever have the advantage?

"That fight is a blueprint for Mino to go by......."

I think Mino has a better chance now than ever. His stand up is better and he HAS to know he can't play guard games with FEdor without getting hurt.

Mino has to find a way to stay on top.

  • it proves, I guess, that Fedor is not invincible though it was ages ago and as mentioned, did not have GNP anyhow

  • Mino's and Arona's strengths are different: Arona has much better takedown ability

If Mino wins it will be thru submission, he hasnt (outside of Kikuta) shown power in his punches, although fast and accurate. Against Herring, it just wore him down and pressured him to shoot. It will be interesting to see how Mino and Fedor box, last time of course, Fedor plopped Mino down standing.

I think it will come down the same battle: Fedor on top throwing bombs, Mino in guard trying to sub or sweep.

One thing to note is Mino's boxing has improved but Fedor has also shown his submission skills since their first fight (but still think it will end up in the same position last time with both doing what they best).

Once again, people prove that they don't know shit about MMA...

Rings used vastly different rules.

RINGS also used a different scoring criteria than most people are used to. Takedowns and position didn't mean shit to the judges. Aggressiveness and attempts to finish were what mattered.

In the first round, Arona was all over Fedor. That was easily Arona's round.

Round 2 was very close. Neither guy was really effective.

I personally had it 20-19 for Arona, but the judges called for a draw (bad call).

The OT round was clearly Fedor's. He landed some hard strikes standing and Arona really didn't do much of anything. (Again, getting the mount meant NOTHING to the judges under RINGS rules if you didn't do anything with it. And Arona did nothing from the mount.)

I'll say right here, right now, that ANYONE who thinks Fedor will not win this HW GP............

is an absolute idiot.

Fedor escaped/reversed both Coleman and Randleman, so I wouldn't say his positional grappling is some fatal flaw.

The Arona - Fedor fight was a very early fight for either. If they fought again Fedor would maul him.

I have never seen the fight, but in MMA Fedor would massacre Arona IMHO.

Actually Arona matches up well with Fedor, much better than anyone else I can think of b/c of takedowns and bjj positioning. If that match allowed Grdandpnd then Fedor would have won by all three judges but under those rules I agree Arona won. Boring or not Arona is a damn hard fight for anybody in the world and would give Fedor all he wanted before Fedor finally wears him out with the GNP

NOG is my fav fighter so don't think Im nuthugging Fedor but, this is not a single match.

Nog would have a hard time if this was just a one match only deal, he has to first get through a match that if he wins, theres a good chance he will take some type of damage and will not be fresh. Fedor has a walk in the park to get the finals.

The fact that Nog is proberly more then likely not going to be fresh and Fedor will more then likely be fresh, spells little chance for Nog at all.

fingers crossed for Nog!

"Whether the rules were different, or not, the match proved what i've always said: Fedor's greatest weakness is his positional grappling."

  • Well the rules do actually matter as you've so pointed out in the past the differences between MMA and submission grappling. I'd go out on a limb and say that if I had a choice between having Fedor in my guard in an Abu Dhabi style match or in an MMA match, I think I would choose the former.

"He gives up dominant position way too easily. You can only do this for so long before someone takes advantage."

  • Well, time will only tell if that happens because no one has been able to "take advantage" of the "dominant position" he gives up "way too easily" just quite yet, including Mino, who never really got that easily given up position at all.

"Mino was hurt on the very first punch of the fight. If he can end up on top, fresh, then he has a good chance of beating Fedor."

  • Like I said, even with Pride rules, I think Arona has a better chance of being on top of Fedor. Mino's takedowns are not his strong point. I would look for Mino to sweep Fedor as a more likely way he would end up on top.

On top and fresh? Sounds good but a big if. Its more likely to be fresh on and on the bottom, I think but it aint out of the question. But then again, if Mino ends up on bottom, its gonna be a quite a challenge to maintain his freshness.

Great fight, just cant wait for your discrediting campaingn after Fedor wins. "Ya, he won by KO but he still easily gave up a dominant position for 5 seconds!!"

If Mino wins, I'll be the first to give him props.

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Ummm, Why do you guys keep on saying, "If under MMA rules Arona would have won!". RINGS is MMA. So what the rules are different? Its still MMA. Also the rules arent vastly different than your normal set of MMA rules. No punching to the head while on the ground and no heel hooks. Thats it. Its like saying Pride rules arent MMA because they dont allow elbows. Thats just plan stupid. RINGS actually looks like a legit sport, unlike UFC/Pride at times. Anywho Ryan G basically hit the nail on the head. RINGS has been having legit MMA bouts even before Pancrase was around....

"I think Arona has a better chance of being on top of Fedor."

I disagree. Arona never came close to getting on top of Rampage, and if I recall couldn't take down Mezger until Guy gassed; I think Fedor was just a very different fighter back then. Pulling guard with Fedor would get Arona TKO'd very quickly -- he doesn't have Nog's chin.

punching to the face is the only way you can really do damage from the full mount to finish a fight, so with no striking at all to the face on the ground, it makes it quite different from regular mma in that it's pure grappling on the ground. The fact that fedor is the hardest hitting ground and pounder out there makes that a big factor in a fight.

When did I ever say it wasnt a big factor? That doesnt matter anyway, seeing as Fedor was Heavyweight Champion of RINGS, so I guess it wasnt as big of a factor as you think.