Just saw PitFight!

It was pretty cool......I liked the segment but wish it was longer..

Bobby has a great imagination and the fighters did awesome....

A must see!


was it worth the $35 plus shipping?


I am still wondering if I should get this. Because of the pile of shit that "Sparring chronicles" was. No offense Bobby I loved Rites of Passage.

I think so but its different.....Bobby is very creative...

Pit Fight is only about 12-13 minutes but it was very good......

Then you see training at the Shark Tanka and how the Pit FIght came to be with Might Mo fighting on 7 hour notice...

Underground fights with Tito reffing.........Fights at a club in La....pretty cool.......

Other stuff I havent seen ........Lots of footage for $35...I think its worth it..

"Because of the pile of shit that "Sparring chronicles""------I understand but Sparring Chronicles was as advertised.  It was just sparring and training.......Too many people thought it was going to be Rites of Passage 2.....It was as advertised, just sparring.... 

I know it was still a disappointment

no, sparring chronicles want even sparring and THATS the issue. Silva kicking a pad, enson beating the crap out of a kid and coleman killing Simms. that aint sparring.

Support the Sport!!

Interesting. Could anyone run down the content of both?

Am I understanding correctly, that the Pit Fight DVD is less than 15 min long and is running $35 plus shipping?

My problem with lots of these $40 purchases is that they have less quality material than the bonus footage to "Smashing Machine".

Example: I enjoyed Day of the Zen, but no way would I have purchased it if Paul V didn't do a special half off sale last year (or whatever it was).


Marcio Simas it's going to make it to the grammy's with his performance.

i think the whole footage is around 5 hours

This 5-Hour compilation includes:

  • Pitfight The Movie
    Including two REAL MMA bouts with Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman

  • Way of the Dog - Dog Brothers Stick Fighting Documentary

  • Shark Attach Documentary

  • 2 HOURS of Underground Fights (13 total) featuring
    Darrell Gholar
    Travis Fulton
    Jason Godsey
    Nigel Hudson
    Shannon Ritch
    Tito Ortiz as referee

  • Filmmaker Bio

  • Production Notes

  • Tapout and Sinister Commercial

  • Fox News Promo

So who won with the coleman and randleman fights? who did they fight?

Is this the one where Coleman fought Mighty Mo?

Yes Eric....

Coleman fought MIghty Mo

Kev fought Seth

any of the fights good? $40's kinda a lot. It'll go on sale in a
couple of months like all the other $35 dvds have.