just saw the Penn/Bang fight....

I found this far more interesting than the Royler/Genki fight. I mean sure, big win for Genki but... Penn walked right through Bang, he had nothing (no disrespect to bang at all).

did Bang just take him lightly? Penn didn't have a hard time with the takedown or passing guard. landed great shots from the mount. then set him up like Mumia. looked almost too easy.

is Penn gonna just keep walking through dudes?

post the vids. I still haven't seen them!

so you think its just that Bang's ground game isn't up to par?

I thought Genki put it on Royler...that last sequence before the bomb dropped was incredible..stuffing the shot, working Royler till he was flat. Bang's ground game looked alot better against Genki...

what's the deal with Bang's ground game...able to neutralize Genki...and not able to keep Penn from passing?

just looked like two different people with different levels of experience on the ground.

I agree... I don't think Penn would have as easy a time with either of them.

its funny. I remember when BJ was known for KOing fools. now its the ground game (his ground game came first I know, I mean in regards to his marketing in the UFC). should we expect something else from him soon?

just when you didn't expect it... a streak of short stand up fights?

Could someone post a link please?


email me.. let me see what I can do.

Bang hadn't trained on the ground for a year, he had plenty of time to train when he fought Genki.

relatively easy payday for both of them anyway

not a barn burner or anything.

Bang wasn't mentally even anywhere near being there.

and a quick tapout (well, why struggle if you're caught...)

"set him up like Mumia." LOL!!!!! I didn't expect to see a comment like that here. Good sh*t!

VId pleaz

pulver had the wrong game plan against bang, and lost. he should have beaten him easily. bang sucks on the ground. genki won that fight against bang imo..

he did that silly crane thing, came back a little towards the end, got the crowd crazy.. .no judges were giving that to sudo..

bj just showed has easy it is to take out a one dimensional fighter...

just my opinion...

one thing that sudo didn't do was dominate on the ground. He never came close to tapping Bang. So I think Bj's ground is way to good for sudo.

Pound for Pound Best:
1. Tie- BJ Penn / Fedor Emelianenko

Does anyone disagree?

That is what happens when your BJJ is that insane. He is like Rickson or Rigan he is just on another level. "

LMAO. SO much on another level that he avoided going to the ground with Serra like the plague.

anyone know when this event will air?


email me... you see the email.

so there is no link for a video is there?

I dont think Franca would give BJ a hard time. His ground game did not impress me. Franca does have some awesome take downs though. He can catch a leg kick like no one else I have seen. But BJ would run him over on the ground. As well as stand up. I think Sudo would have a better chance, but still.

BJ will be hard to beat for a while.

jens chose to strike with bang. thats why he lost